Clinical Trials

A clinical trial is always designed to gain some knowledge about something not yet well-known, or proven. A person may volunteer to participate in a clinical study for various reasons. Frequently a physician may recommend a patient to consider volunteering for specific study participation, as part of the patient therapeutic treatment options.  Clinical trials are highly regulated, and are conducted following strict scientific standards in order to protect patients and to produce meaningful results.

There are important facts a person should know about participation in a clinical study, including:

The information contained here is mainly related to clinical interventional studies (also called protocols), which are studies in which participants are given a study medication, and then are followed over a period of time. We are also focusing this information on issues that are relevant to the studies that we conduct at the Orlando Immunology Center. To obtain more information about clinical studies in general, please visit Clinical, a service provided by the NIH (National Institute of Health).

Ongoing Clinical Research

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